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ABRT / libreportChinese (Simplified) (zh_CN)

Committed changes 7 months ago
Cannot attach comment from 'comment' file
无法添加 'comment' 文件中的
7 months ago
attach short text from comment (requires -a|-A, conflicts with -d)
中附上短文本 (需要 -a|-A,与 -d 冲突)
7 months ago
Adding new comment to issue %d
向问题 %d 添加新评
7 months ago
Failed to format duplicate comment from problem data
7 months ago

& [-vf] [-c CONFFILE]... [-F FMTFILE] [-A FMTFILE2] -d DIR
& [-v] [-c CONFFILE]... [-d DIR] -t[ID] FILE...
& [-v] [-c CONFFILE]... [-d DIR] -t[ID] -w
& [-v] [-c CONFFILE]... -h DUPHASH

Reports problem to MantisBT.

The tool reads DIR. Then it tries to find an issue
with the same abrt_hash in custom field 'abrt_hash'.

If such issue is not found, then a new issue is created. Elements of DIR
are stored in the issue as part of issue description or as attachments,
depending on their type and size.

Otherwise, if such issue is found and it is marked as CLOSED DUPLICATE,
the tool follows the chain of duplicates until it finds a non-DUPLICATE issue.
The tool adds a new comment to found issue.

The URL to new or modified issue is printed to stdout and recorded in
'reported_to' element.

Option -t uploads FILEs to the already created issue on MantisBT site.
The issue ID is retrieved from directory specified by -d DIR.
If problem data in DIR was never reported to MantisBT, upload will fail.

Option -tID uploads FILEs to the issue with specified ID on MantisBT site.
-d DIR is ignored.

Option -r sets the last url from reporter_to element which is prefixed with
TRACKER_NAME to URL field. This option is applied only when a new issue is to be
filed. The default value is 'ABRT Server'

If not specified, CONFFILE defaults to

& [-vf] [-c CONFFILE]... [-F FMTFILE] [-A FMTFILE2] -d DIR
& [-v] [-c CONFFILE]... [-d DIR] -t[ID] FILE...
& [-v] [-c CONFFILE]... [-d DIR] -t[ID] -w
& [-v] [-c CONFFILE]... -h DUPHASH

向 MantisBT 报告问题。

该工具读取目录,之后尝试根据自定义字段 'abrt_hash' 中查找
具有相同 abrt_hash 的问题。

DIR 中的元素将依据它们的类型和大小,作为问题描述

否则,如果找到了这样的问题并且其被标记为 CLOSED DUPLICATE,
此工具将会追踪重复链条直到找到一个标记为 non-DUPLICATE

指向新创建或者已修改问题的 URL 将会打印至标准输出并记录到
'reported_to' 元素中。

选项 -t 将会上传 FILEs 到 MantisBT 网站上已经存在的问题中。
问题 ID 将在选项 -d DIR 指定的目录中获取。
如果 DIR 中的问题数据从未报告至 MantisBT,上传将会失败。

选项 -tID 会将文件上传到 MantisBT 网站所指定 ID 的问题中。
-d DIR 会被忽略。

选项 -r 会将 URL 字段设定为 reporter_to 元素中最后一个
前缀为 TRACKER_NAME 的 url。该选项仅在提交一个新问题时适用。
默认值为 'ABRT Server'。

如果未指定,CONFFILE 默认为
7 months ago
You have requested to make your data accessible only to a specific group and this bug is a duplicate of bug: %s/%u In case of bug duplicates a new comment is added to the original bug report but access to the comments cannot be restricted to a specific group. Would you like to open a new bug report and close it as DUPLICATE of the original one? Otherwise, the bug reporting procedure will be terminated.
您要求只能由特定的组访问您的数据,而这个 bug 是 bug %s/%u 的重复。在 bug 重复的情况下,将会在最初的 bug 报告中添加一条新评,但是对于那些评的访问不能被限制到特定的组。您是否要新建一个 bug 报告,并将其作为最初那个报告的 重复(DUPLICATE)而关闭?否则,将终止 bug 报告的过程。
7 months ago
Adding new comment to issue %d
问题 %d 添加新注释评论
7 months ago
Adding comment to case '%s'
添加评论至个案注至案例 '%s'
7 months ago
Found the same comment in the bug history, not adding a new one
如果在 Bug 历史记录中找到相同的则不要再添加
7 months ago
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