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blivet-rhel8 Fix this component to clear its alerts. LGPL-2.1 6
libbytesize LGPL-2.1
blivet-master LGPL-2.1 2

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  • Translations can be made directly.
  • Translation suggestions can be made.
  • Any authenticated user can contribute.
  • The translation uses bilingual files.
Translation license GNU General Public License v2.0 or later
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blivet / blivet-guiChinese (Simplified) (zh_CN)

Committed changes 2 months ago
There are currently no empty physical volumes or
disks with enough free space to create one.
2 months ago
Free space
2 months ago
Please select at least two parent devices.
2 months ago
Currently it is possible to remove only one parent at time.
2 months ago
Remove parent
2 months ago
Add parent
2 months ago
format {name} {type}
格式化{type} 卷{nam {name} {type}
2 months ago
'{0}' is not a valid chunk size specification.
'{0}' 不是有效的区块(Chunk)大小规格
2 months ago
Failed to connect to blivet-gui-daemon
连接 blivet-gui-daemon 失败
2 months ago
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