<replaceable>key</replaceable> = <replaceable>value</replaceable>
<replaceable>key2</replaceable> = <replaceable>value2,value3</replaceable>
The data types used are string (no quotes needed), integer and bool (with values of <quote>TRUE/FALSE</quote>).
debug_timestamps (bool)
debug_microseconds (bool)
debug_backtrace_enabled (bool)
timeout (integer)
config_file_version (integer)
Indicates what is the syntax of the config file. SSSD 0.6.0 and later use version 2.
reconnection_retries (integer)
Number of times services should attempt to reconnect in the event of a Data Provider crash or restart before they give up
domain name as specified in the SSSD config file.
domain flat name. Mostly usable for Active Directory domains, both directly configured or discovered via IPA trusts.
monitor_resolv_conf (boolean)
Controls if SSSD should monitor the state of resolv.conf to identify when it needs to update its internal DNS resolver.
try_inotify (boolean)
By default, SSSD will attempt to use inotify to monitor configuration files changes and will fall back to polling every five seconds if inotify cannot be used.