http://winehq.org/[Wine] is an open source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and OpenGL.
Wine emulates the Windows runtime environment by translating Windows system calls into POSIX-compliant system calls, recreating the directory structure of Windows systems, and providing alternative implementations of Windows system libraries, system services through https://wiki.winehq.org/Wineserver[wineserver] and various other components such as Internet Explorer, the Windows Registry Editor, and msiexec.
Fedora's Wine packages are split up to allow for smaller installations. The `wine` meta package will bring with it the most important components of Wine. Expert users may want to pick specific components from the list below:
|*name* |''' summary '''

|_wine_ |Meta package

|_wine-alsa_ |ALSA sound support for wine

|_wine-arial-fonts_ |Arial fonts provided by wine-staging

|_wine-capi_ |ISDN support for wine

|_wine-cms_ |Color Management for wine

|_wine-common_ |Common wine files and scripts

|_wine-core_ |Wine core package

|_wine-courier-fonts_ |Wine Courier font family

|_wine-desktop_ |Desktop integration features

|_wine-devel_ |Wine development environment

|_wine-filesystem_ |Filesystem directories and basic configuration for

|_wine-fixedsys-fonts_ |Wine Fixedsys font family

|_wine-fonts_ |Wine font meta package

|_wine-ldap_ |LDAP support for wine

|_wine-marlett-fonts_ |Wine Marlett font family

|_wine-ms-sans-serif-fonts_ |Wine MS Sans Serif font family

|_wine-openal_ |OpenAL sound support for wine

|_wine-opencl_ |OpenCL support for wine

|_wine-pulseaudio_ |PulseAudio support for wine

|_wine-small-fonts_ |Wine Small font family

|_wine-symbol-fonts_ |Wine Symbol font family

|_wine-systemd_ |systemd configuration for the wine binfmt handler

|_wine-system-fonts_ |Wine System font family

|_wine-sysvinit_ |SysV initscript for the wine binfmt handler

|_wine-tahoma-fonts_ |Wine Tahoma font family

|_wine-tahoma-fonts-system_ |Wine Tahoma font family system integration

|_wine-twain_ |Twain (image scanning) support for wine

|_wine-wingdings-fonts_ |Wine Wingdings font family

|_wine-wingdings-fonts-system_ |Wine Wingdings font family system
Additional documentation is provided via the ''wine-docs '' package.
Available versions
Fedora applies fixes and features from the *wine-staging* project. EPEL packages do not use wine-staging patches.
*Current versions of Wine in Fedora:*
|Fedora 33(pre-release) |5.16
|Fedora 29 |4.5
|Fedora 28 |3.4
|Fedora 27 |3.4
|Fedora 26 |3.4
|EPEL 7 |3.0
Newer versions may be available in the corresponding `updates-testing` repositories.
Testing Versions
|Fedora 28 |3.5
|Fedora 27 |3.5
|Fedora 26 |3.5
Bugs and problems
Before reporting bugs against Wine please make sure your system is fully up to date.
dnf update
Also check if a newer version is available in updates-testing.
dnf --enablerepo=updates-testing update wine
If you are using the proprietary graphics drivers please remove them from your system and try again, as they are known to cause problems.