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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 常见问题
About the project 关于此项目
Is it Team Silverblue, Silverblue, or Fedora Silverblue? 到底是 Team Silverblue,还是 Silverblue,还是 Fedora Silverblue?
We chose the name Team Silverblue to refer to the overall project. Fedora Silverblue will be used for the OS that we are producing, but calling it Silverblue in its short version is fine as well. 我们使用 Team Silverblue 指代整个项目,Fedora Silverblue 则是我们在产出的操作系统,但有时我们也简称它为 Silverblue。
Why does the Silverblue logo look like a leaf? 为什么 Silverblue 的 Logo 是一片叶子?
Our favorite choice for a project name was Silverleaf, but that sadly did not work out. We just couldn't quite let go of the leaf. You could also say that Silverblue is a new leaf on Fedora's OSTree. 😀 我们本来想将项目命名为 Silverleaf,可惜这无法实现。我们不想就这样放弃叶子这个点子,毕竟 Silverblue 就是 OSTree 上的又一片新叶子。😀
Is Silverblue another GNOME OS? Silverblue 是另一个 GNOME OS 吗?
GNOME OS was a codename that was used by the upstream GNOME project for a while to refer to the idea of designing the entire desktop user experience. By contrast, Silverblue is an effort inside the Fedora project, and will be built with existing Fedora technologies. However, the two efforts do share a desire to deliver a user experience that is polished and coherent. GNOME OS 是上游 GNOME 用于测试桌面用户体验的项目。Silverblue 则是 Fedora 的项目,采用的也是 Fedora 已有的技术。当然,两个项目确实有一个共同的愿景,那就是提供一个完善且连贯的用户体验。
What is Silverblue's relationship with Project Atomic? Silverblue 和 Project Atomic 有什么联系?
Fedora Silverblue uses the same core technology as Fedora Atomic Host (as well as its successor, Fedora CoreOS). However, Silverblue is specifically focused on workstation/desktop use cases. Fedora Silverblue 和 Fedora Atomic Host(以及它的继任者 Fedora CoreOS)采取的技术是一样的。然而,Silverblue 更加注重工作站和桌面使用的情景。
About using Silverblue 关于使用 Silverblue
How can I install Eclipse on Silverblue? 如何在 Silverblue 上安装 Eclipse?
Instructions to setup the Nightly flatpak remote for Eclipse are available http://eclipse.matbooth.co.uk/flatpak[here]. http://eclipse.matbooth.co.uk/flatpak[这里] 提供了一篇设置有关 Flatpak 远程的指引。
How do I create a VPN connection? 如何创建一个 VPN 连接?
`/etc` is not part of the immutable OS image, so you can just copy files into `/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections` (or let NetworkManager store them there when you recreate your connections). Certificates in `/etc/pki` need to be handled similarly. `/etc` 并不是不可变系统映像的一部分,所以你只需要将文件复制到 `/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections`(或者当你重新建立连接时要求 NetworkManager 帮你完成)。`/etc/pki` 下的相关操作也是一样的道理。
How can I play more videos in Firefox, like YouTube? 如何在 Firefox 下播放各种视频,例如 YouTube 上的?
Firefox is included in the OS image for now. Until that changes, getting it to play videos works the same way as it does for the regular Fedora Workstation: find a package with the needed codecs, and install it. The one difference is that you use `rpm-ostree install` instead of `dnf install`. An alternative solution is to install the nightly Firefox, which is available as a https://firefox-flatpak.mojefedora.cz/org.mozilla.FirefoxNightly.flatpakref[Flatpak]. Firefox 被包含在了系统映像中。在一切发生改变之前,要使 Firefox 播放视频,跟 Fedora Workstation 一样做就好了:找到一个包含所需解码器的软件包,然后安装它。唯一的区别就是你需要使用 `rpm-ostree install` 而不是 `dnf install`。你也可以选择下载 Firefox Nightly 的 https://firefox-flatpak.mojefedora.cz/org.mozilla.FirefoxNightly.flatpakref[Flatpak] 软件包来解决这一问题。
How can I see what packages were updated between two commits? 如何查看两个提交之间有什么软件包被升级了?
If you want to compare the booted deployment with the pending deployment (or rollback deployment), simply issue: 如果你需要对比当前的部署与接下来的部署,只需要执行:
$ rpm-ostree db diff
$ rpm-ostree db diff