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System Utilities Sistem Programları
Sphinx was updated to version 2 and dropped support for Python 2
The `python-sphinx` package has been updated to version 2.x in Fedora 31.
Also the following Python 2 (sub)packages providing support to Sphinx have been removed:
Users who need to run Sphinx on Python 2 have to use Python virtual environment and the `pip` package manager. For more information, see this [citetitle]_link:++https://developer.fedoraproject.org/tech/languages/python/multiple-pythons.html++[Fedora Developer]_ page.
RPM 4.15
Fedora 31 provides the RPM version 4.15, up from version 4.14 in Fedora 30. Notable changes include:
New features Yeni özellikler
The `%patchlist` and `%sourcelist` sections were added to the RPM spec file.