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Fedora Magazine Editorial Workflow
Content on the Fedora Magazine is created using a 6-step workflow:
xref:workflow-article-proposal.adoc[Article Proposal] by Anyone
xref:workflow-clarification.adoc[Clarification] by Editors
xref:writing-an-article.adoc[Writing] by a Writer
xref:workflow-review.adoc[Review] by Editors
xref:workflow-edit-image.adoc[Edit & Image] by Editors
xref:workflow-publishing.adoc[Publishing] by Editors
An initial proposal lands in the __idea__ state. After some clarification, a specific article goes through 6 states starting as an __article spec__, progressing as __in progress__, __review__, __to edit__, __queued__, and finally ends up being __published__. Each step in the workflow has its own page in this documentation that provides guidance.
Proposals in the **__idea__** state are among the general discussion in the https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/c/project/magazine[Fedora Magazine Discourse forum]. Everyone is welcome to submit one!
Articles in **all other states** are represented as cards in the https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/asamalik-fedora-magazine/kanban[Kanban section of the Fedora Magazine Taiga], each state having its own column on the board. Join our team either as a xref:contributing.adoc[writer] or as an xref:editorial.adoc[editor], and help us make wonderful content read by tens of thousands of readers every week!