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Boot Options 引导选项
The [application]*Anaconda* installer includes a range of boot options for administrators, which modify the default behavior of the installation program by enabling or disabling certain functions. To use one or more boot options, you either have to boot from installation media and append these options at the boot menu (see xref:install/Booting_the_Installation.adoc#sect-boot-menu[The Boot Menu]), or you must add them into your PXE server configuration file if you are booting from a network (see xref:advanced/Network_based_Installations.adoc#chap-pxe-server-setup[Setting Up an Installation Server]).
You can use multiple options at the same time; in that case, separate them by a single space. 你可以同时使用多种选项,如果这样的话则需要使用空格将选项隔开。
There are two basic types of options described in this chapter: 本章描述了两种基础类型:
Options presented as ending with an "equals" sign (`=`) require a value to be specified - they cannot be used on their own. For example, the [option]#inst.vncpassword=# option must also contain a value (in this case, a password). The correct form is therefore [option]#inst.vncpassword=pass:attributes[{blank}]_password_pass:attributes[{blank}]#. On its own, without a password specified, the option is invalid. 使用等号(`=`)结尾的选项需要额外指定一个数字——这个选项不能不带数字使用。例如:[option]#inst.vncpassword=#选项必须跟一个数字(例如一个密码)。所以正确的形式就类似于[option]#inst.vncpassword=pass:attributes[{blank}]_password_pass:attributes[{blank}]#。对于这个参数而言,如果不指定密码,那么这个选项就无效了。
Options presented without the "pass:attributes[{blank}]`=`pass:attributes[{blank}]" sign do not accept any values or parameters. For example, the [option]#rd.live.check# option forces [application]*Anaconda* to verify the installation media before starting the installation; if this option is present, the check will be performed, and if it is not present, the check will be skipped. 没有"pass:attributes[{blank}]`=`pass:attributes[{blank}]"标志的选项不接受参数或者值。例如:[option]#rd.live.check#选项强制[application]*Anaconda*在安装前校验安装媒体。只要这个参数,校验就会进行;如不存在则跳过校验。
In addition to the options described in this chapter, the boot prompt also accepts [application]*dracut* kernel options. A list of these options is available as the `dracut.cmdline(7)` man page. 除本章描述的选项之外,启动提示也接受[application]*dracut*内核选项。这些选项的列表详见`dracut.cmdline(7)` man页面。
Boot options specific to the installation program always start with `inst.` in this guide. Currently, this prefix is optional - for example, [option]#resolution=1024x768# will work exactly the same as [option]#inst.resolution=1024x768#. However, it is expected that the `inst.` prefix will be mandatory in future releases. 在本章中,启动选项指定安装程序一直以`inst.`开头。目前,前缀是可选的——例如:[option]#resolution=1024x768#将和[option]#inst.resolution=1024x768#等效。然而,在未来的发行版当中将考虑令`inst.`成为必选的。
Configuring the Installation System at the Boot Menu 配置启动菜单中的安装系统
The exact way to specify custom boot options is differs based on your system's architecture, firmware and the method you use to boot the installation. If you are booting from local media, you can specify options in the boot menu, before you begin the installation; if you are booting from a network using a PXE server, you must add boot options into the boot loader configuration file before you boot the installation system. For specific instructions, see xref:install/Booting_the_Installation.adoc#sect-boot-menu[The Boot Menu] if you are booting from local media, and xref:advanced/Network_based_Installations.adoc#chap-pxe-server-setup[Setting Up an Installation Server] if you are booting from a server.
Available Boot Options 可用启动选项
The following options are available in {PRODUCT}: 在{PRODUCT}中可用的选项如下所示:
Specifying the Installation Source 指定安装源
[option]#inst.repo=# [option]#inst.repo=#
Specifies the installation source - that is, a location where the installation program can find the images and packages it requires. For example: 指定安装源——即安装程序可以找到安装镜像和所需软件包的位置。例如:
The source must be either: 源必须是下列之一:
an installable tree, which is a directory structure containing the installation program's images, packages and repodata as well as a valid `.treeinfo` file 一个可安装的树是一个包含了安装程序的镜像、软件包和repodata(一个有效的`.treeinfo`文件)的目录结构
a DVD (a physical disk present in the system's DVD drive) 一个DVD(一个在系统DVD驱动器上的物理磁盘)
an ISO image of the full {PRODUCT} installation DVD, placed on a hard drive or a network location accessible from the installation system 一个{PRODUCT}的、完全的ISO镜像被放置在硬盘或安装系统的网络位置上