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Compare the calculated checksum to the expected checksum.
> echo "Download Checksum: $download_checksum"
> echo "Expected Checksum: $expected_checksum"
> if ( $download_checksum -eq "$expected_checksum" ) {
echo "Checksum test passed!"
} else {
echo "Checksum test failed."
Verifying checksums on Linux and OSX systems
Open a terminal window, and navigate to the directory with the downloaded files.
$ [command]#cd ~/Downloads#
Use the appropriate utility to verify the image checksum.
For Linux:
$ sha256sum -c *CHECKSUM
For OSX:
$ shasum -a 256 -c *CHECKSUM
Fedora Media Writer and Universal USB Creators
[application]*Fedora Media Writer* has been improved and is now the default way to make bootable media. [application]*Fedora Media Writer* supports Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is an easy way to make bootable USB media to install Fedora (or other operating systems). While use of Fedora Media Writer is strongly encouraged, other USB media creation software can work as well.
Some of the new additions to [application]*Fedora Media Writer* are that Fedora Workstation and Server are the first choices on the main screen. However more choices are available if you select the button below "Custom OS". Options like Fedora Spins will appear. Fedora Spins such as XFCE and Mate will be selectable.
Universal USB creation tools such as [application]*Unetbootin* are a historically popular way to create USB installers from ISOs intended for optical media. They typically function by creating a filesystem on the USB drive, extracting files from the image, and writing [application]*syslinux* bootloader to the device.
These methods circumvent the boot-loader configuration built into Fedora images, which are pre-partitioned and designed to boot on UEFI systems with SecureBoot enabled as well as BIOS systems. They do not produce a consistent result with Fedora's images, especially for use with UEFI systems.
Utilities that use a direct write method, and do not modify the Fedora image, will produce the most consistently successful results.
Be sure you choose the right device!
Most media creation methods in this section are destructive. Ensure you do not need any data on the USB stick, and double check you have chosen the correct device before continuing.
Creating USB Media on Windows
Download the latest Windows Installer file from Marin Briza's github page: link:++https://github.com/MartinBriza/MediaWriter/releases++[https://github.com/MartinBriza/MediaWriter/releases].