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Fedora Documentation Team
Fedora Documentation Team logo with Fedora Trademark; book pages in the background.
The Fedora Documentation Team is responsible for the management, curation, and publishing of the documentation hosted at https://docs.fedoraproject.org[docs.fedoraproject.org].
What we are doing
manage and curate the docs landing page
maintain the Fedora Linux XX pages
maintain the release notes
maintain the documentation CI chain
maintain and update generic documentation
curate the Quick Docs collection of documentation
Who we are
Anyone can contribute to the Fedora documentation. No special skills are necessary. And there are many ways and options to constructively contribute to Fedora documentation.
Currently, there is a group of steady contributors, who will be eager to help if you have questions about the documentation or how to contribute:
Organizer, coordinator and firefighter
technical contributor
release note editor in charge and overall contributor