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content writer and editor
Coordination and looking for synergy of CentOS and Fedora docs groups
Currently, we are a small but productive team. And we don’t necessarily want to be a small team in the long run. If you are interested in creating and shaping valuable information or would like to share your own knowledge and experience, please join us.
Ongoing working projects
Migration of docs repositories
We are currently in the process to move all our documentaion from the pagure git repository to gitlab, to make use of several advanced features Lead: darknao
Improve the overall curation of Fedora docs
A longer term work to better adapt the documentation to the current structure of the Fedora distribution and update it at the same time. Lead: pboy
Some most recently finished efforts
Implement a long missing search function across all docs
exclude old docs from search enignes
treamlining previous release note
Projects in the pipeline waiting to be taken up
Improving the contributors guide
We need a more detailed description of all the options available to contribute. And we may need a more extensive description of the “Pull Request” workflow to get new or modified content into our repos.
Developing a style guide
Currently, there is no style guide resulting in an inconsistent typography and unpleasant presentation of our docs.
Curation of the Quick Docs collection