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Context English Bulgarian
Btrfs Btrfs
{device_description} ({device_name}) %(description)s (%(deviceName)s)
{device_name} on {container_name} %(deviceName)s в %(container)s
GUI|Network|Proxy _FTP Proxy _FTP Proxy
Gateway Gateway
GUI|Network|Proxy H_TTPS Proxy H_TTPS Proxy
IPv4 Address: %(addr)s Netmask: %(netmask)s Gateway: %(gateway)s
IPv4 Address: %(addr)s Netmask: %(netmask)s Gateway: %(gateway)s
GUI|Advanced Storage|iSCSI|Configure iSCSI _Initiator Name: iSCSI _Initiator Name:
LVM Thin Provisioning LVM Thin Provisioning
NVDIMM device {namespace} NVDIMM устройство {namespace}
Port / Target / LUN # Port / Target / LUN #
GUI|Software Source Pro_xy URL: Pro_xy URL:
GUI|Custom Partitioning|Configure Dialog _Select _Select
GUI|Network|Proxy _Socks Host _Socks Host
wheel, my-team (1245), project-x (29935) wheel, my-team (1245), project-x (29935)
Wireless Wireless
Your %(mount)s partition size is lower than required %(size)s. Вашият %(mount)s дял е по-малък от %(size)s, което е по-малко от препоръчителното за нормална инсталация на %(productName)s .
You don't have enough space available to install <b>%(product)s</b>, even if you used all of the free space available on the selected disks. Вие не разполагате с достатъчно свободно място за инсталирането на <b>%(product)s</b>, дори и ако използвате всичкото свободно пространство на избраните дискове.
GUI|Network|Wireless _Select network В _мрежата:
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