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Unable to create PID file
Anaconda is unable to create %s because the file already exists. Anaconda is already running, or a previous instance of anaconda has crashed.
%(product_name)s requires %(needed_ram)s MB of memory to install, but you only have %(total_ram)s MB on this machine.
The %(product_name)s graphical installer requires %(needed_ram)s MB of memory, but you only have %(total_ram)s MB.

Press [Enter] to reboot your system.
Not enough RAM
Try the text mode installer by running:

'/usr/bin/liveinst -T'

from a root terminal.
Starting text mode.
The installation cannot continue and the system will be rebooted
Press ENTER to continue
Please ssh install@%s to begin the install.
Please ssh install@HOSTNAME to continue installation.
Installing software Bogearraí á suiteáil
Performing post-installation setup tasks
Downloading %(url)s (%(pct)d%%) %(url)s á íosluchtú (%(pct)d%%)
Checking image checksum
Downloading %(total_files)s RPMs, %(downloaded)s / %(total_size)s (%(percent)d%%) done.