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USAGE: run_init <script> <args ...>
where: <script> is the name of the init script to run,
<args ...> are the arguments to that script.
failed to initialize PAM
failed to get account information
Cannot find your entry in the shadow passwd file.
getpass cannot open /dev/tty
run_init: incorrect password for %s
Could not open file %s
No context in file %s
Sorry, run_init may be used only on a SELinux kernel.
authentication failed.
Could not set exec context to %s.
failed to set PAM_TTY
newrole: service name configuration hashtable overflow
newrole: %s: error on line %lu.
cannot find valid entry in the passwd file.
Out of memory!
Error! Shell is not valid.
Unable to clear environment
Error resetting KEEPCAPS, aborting
Error changing uid, aborting.