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The following options were deprecated from the %(command_name)s command in %(version)s:
The following options were removed from the %(command_name)s command in %(version)s:
Path to kickstart config file
Kickstart version to use for interpreting config
Write flattened config to OUTPUT
Need to specify a config to flatten
Failed to read kickstart file '%(filename)s' : %(error_msg)s
Failed to parse kickstart file '%(filename)s' : %(error_msg)s
Failed to open output file '%(filename)s' : %(error_msg)s
filename or URL to read from
parse include files when %%include is seen
show this help message and exit
Error reading %(filename)s:
a basis file to use for seeding the kickstart data (optional)
the location to write the finished kickstart file, or stdout if not given
Warning: The following error occurred when processing the input file:
Internal command %s not recognized.