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Note: deleting a password also unlocks the password.
delete the password for the named account (root only); also removes password lock if any
There is a password information set in /etc/shadow, but the password field in /etc/passwd is empty.
%s: password too long, maximum is %zu
Warning: unlocked password would be empty. Advarsel: passord som ble låst opp ville vært tomt.
Alternate authentication scheme in use. Alternativt autentiseringsmetode i bruk.
number of days after password expiration when an account becomes disabled (root only) antall dager etter utløp av passord før en konto deaktiveres (kun root)
number of days warning users receives before password expiration (root only) antall dager med varsel bruker får før passordet utløper (kun root)
keep non-expired authentication tokens behold ikke-utgåtte autentiseringstegn
Changing password for user %s.
Endrer passord for bruker %s.
Error Feil
Error (password not set?) Feil (passord ikke satt?)
Removing password for user %s.
Fjerner passord for bruker %s.
[OPTION...] <accountName> [FLAGG...] <accountName>
No password set.
Ingen passord satt.
Adjusting aging data for user %s.
Justerer aldringsdata for bruker %s.
Corrupted passwd entry. Korrupt passordoppføring.
Only root can do that.
Kun root kan gjøre det.
Unlocking password for user %s.
Låser opp passord for bruker %s.
Locking password for user %s.
Låser passord for bruker %s.