English Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN)
The password contains too few non-alphanumeric characters 密码包含的非字母或数字字符太少
The password contains monotonic sequence longer than %ld characters 密码包含超过%ld 个字符的单调序列
The password contains too long of a monotonic character sequence 密码包含过长的单调字符序列
The password is too short 密码太短了
The password is shorter than %ld characters 密码少于 %ld 个字符
The password contains less than %ld digits 密码少于 %ld 的位数
The password is a palindrome 密码是一个回文
The password does not contain enough character classes 密码未包含足够的字符类型
No password supplied 密码未提供
The password fails the dictionary check 密码未通过字典检查
Password generation failed - required entropy too low for settings 密码生成失败 - 未达到设置所需的熵
Password quality check failed:
Opening the configuration file failed 打开配置文件失败
BAD PASSWORD: %s 无效的密码: %s
Cannot obtain random numbers from the RNG device 无法从 RNG 随机数生成设备获得随机数
Could not obtain the password to be scored 无法获得需要评分的密码
Unknown error 未知的错误
Unknown setting 未知设置
Usage: %s <entropy-bits>
用法: %s <entropy-bits>
Usage: %s [user]
用法: %s [user]