English Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN)
BAD PASSWORD: %s 无效的密码: %s
Usage: %s [user]
用法: %s [user]
The command reads the password to be scored from the standard input.
Error: %s
错误: %s
Could not obtain the password to be scored 无法获得需要评分的密码
Password quality check failed:
Usage: %s <entropy-bits>
用法: %s <entropy-bits>
Warning: Value %ld is outside of the allowed entropy range, adjusting it.
警告: %ld 的值在允许的熵范围之外,需要调整它。
Memory allocation error when setting 设置时发生内存分配错误
Memory allocation error 内存分配错误
The password is the same as the old one 这个密码和原来的相同
The password is a palindrome 密码是一个回文
The password differs with case changes only 密码仅包含大小写变更
The password is too similar to the old one 密码与原来的太相似
The password contains the user name in some form 密码包含用户名在某些地方
The password contains words from the real name of the user in some form 密码包含了某种形式的用户真实名称
The password contains forbidden words in some form 密码包含了某种形式的禁用单词
The password contains less than %ld digits 密码少于 %ld 的位数
The password contains too few digits 密码包含的位数太短
The password contains less than %ld uppercase letters 密码包含少于 %ld 的大写字母