Context English Hebrew
folders, files (size) %1, %2 (%3) %1, %2 (%3)
folders, files %1, %2 %1, %2
files (size) %1 (%2) %1 (%2)
items: folders, files (size) %1: %2 %1: %2
@title job Moving מעביר
The source of a file operation Source מקור
The destination of a file operation Destination יעד
@title job Copying מעתיק
@title job Creating directory יוצר ספרייה
Directory ספרייה
@title job Deleting מוחק
File קובץ
@title job Examining בודק
@title job Transferring מעביר
@title job Mounting מעגן
Device התקן
Mountpoint נקודת עגינה
@title job Unmounting מנתק
Change Attribute
Root privileges are required to change file attributes. Do you want to continue?