Context English
@label kauth action description %1 is a username %2 a group name Adding user '%1' to group '%2' so they may configure Samba user shares
@title Denying Access
@option:check Share this folder with other computers on the local network
@label Name:
@label This name cannot be used. Share names must not be user names and there must not be two shares with the same name on the entire system.
@label This name may be too long. It can cause interoperability problems or get rejected by Samba.
@option:check Allow guests
@label Guest access is disabled by the system's Samba configuration.
@option:radio user can read&write Full Control
@option:radio user can read Read Only
@option:radio user not allowed to access share No Access
@button Show Samba status monitor
@title Set password
@label:textbox Password
@label:textbox Confirm password
@label error message Passwords must match
@action:button creates a new samba user with the user-specified password Set Password
@label failed to change user groups so they can manage shares Group changes failed.
@label To manage Samba user shares you need to be member of the <resource>%1</resource> group.
@label You appear to not have sufficient permissions to manage Samba user shares.