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Please see .imsettings.log for more details
Output the detail information for the result
Check if DBus is running
Check if SESSION is on line
Check if any valid modules are loaded
Check if all of the module settings has consistencies
Check if XSETTINGS manager is running
Check if current desktop is supported
[Input Method name|xinput.conf]
IMSettings is disabled on the system.
Unable to create a client instance.
Currently a different version of imsettings is running.
Running "imsettings-reload" may help but it will restart the Input Method
Unable to obtain an Input Method Information: %s
Force reloading imsettings-daemon (deprecated).
Input Method starter
Force restarting the IM process regardless of any errors.
Use the given string as current desktop name.
Do not update the user xinputrc.
Shut up the extra messages.