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If you decide to use automatic updates, you should at least do a few things to make sure you are up-to-date.
emit_via = email
# The address to send email messages from.
email_from = root@localhost.com
# List of addresses to send messages to.
email_to = root
# Name of the host to connect to to send email messages.
email_host = localhost
As an alternative to dnf-automatic, https://github.com/rackerlabs/auter[auter] can be used. This operates in a similar way to yum-cron, but provides more flexibility in scheduling, and some additional options including running custom scripts before or after updates, and automatic reboots. This comes at the expense of more complexity to configure.
sudo dnf install auter
To make auter run immediately without waiting for the cron job to run, for example for testing or debugging, you can simply run it from the command line:
auter --apply
If you want to disable auter from running, including from any cron job:
auter --disable
Alternatives to automatic updates
Scheduling updates
This problem can be fixed by modification of the timer of dnf-automatic using the description on the xref:understanding-and-administering-systemd.adoc[Understanding and administering systemd] page.
Other methods of protection
The https://dnf.readthedocs.org/en/latest/automatic.html[dnf-automatic] RPM package as a link:dnf[DNF] component provides a service which is started automatically.