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All content is subject to review by FESCo, who has the final say on whether or not it can be included.
All program binaries and program libraries included in Fedora packages must be built from the source code that is included in the source package. This is a requirement for the following reasons:
An exception is made for binary firmware, as long as it meets the requirements documented https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Licensing:Main#Binary_Firmware[here].
Ask upstream to remove the binaries in their next release.
Background images (non-offensive, discriminatory, with permission to freely redistribute).
Clipart for use in office suites.
Comic book art files
Compiler Flags: Pre-packaged program binaries and program libraries not built from the source code were probably not compiled with standard Fedora compiler flags for security and optimization.
Content binaries (such as .pdf, .png, .ps files) are _not_ required to be rebuilt from the source code.
Content must not be pornographic, or contain nudity, whether animated, simulated, or photographed. There are better places on the Internet to get porn.
Content should not be offensive, discriminatory, or derogatory. If you're not sure if a piece of content is one of these things, it probably is.
Content still has to be reviewed for inclusion. It must have an open source compatible license, must not be legally questionable. In addition, there are several additional restrictions for content:
Does it contain a `+.so+`, `+.so.#+`, or `+.so.#.#.#+` extension? If so, it is probably a program library.
Example files included with the source tarball are not considered content.
Fedora allows only a single kernel package; packages containing alternate kernels are not allowed in the distribution. If there are kernel features which would be generally useful, please communicate with the {kernel-team}.
Fedora does not allow kernel modules to be packaged outside of the main kernel package. You should communicate with the {kernel-team} regarding enabling additional kernel modules.
Files in patent-encumbered media formats
Fonts (under an open source license, with no ownership/legal concerns).
Game levels are not considered content, since games without levels would be non functional.