except for optical sizing atttibutes, which are appended to the common `family` root.
fontconfig files,
appstream files,
legal files,
documentation files.
Building from source ensures it will be possible to modify the font when problems are reported and upstream is not responsive. Sometimes that means working with upstream to sanitize its build processes.
Fonts are comparatively bulky. Shipping fonts in multiple formats makes the situation worse on user systems, mirrors and live images. Every font family that ships in multiple formats, consumes space that could be used by another font package, enhancing the user experience.
Because applications will make different choices in presence of multiple formats for the same font family, because different formats use different rasterization engines, because format conversions can introduce artefacts, shipping multiple formats reduces the effectiveness of Fedora QA.
Most applications in Fedora support indifferently all OpenType formats,
Most fonts in Fedora are only available in a single OpenType format,
Rendering text in all the locales supported by Fedora requires using multiple fonts in multiple formats,
Therefore packaging a font family in multiple OpenType formats should only be done as a limited exception.