Detailed list of ideas at http://www.augeas.net/page/Project_Ideas
Better iptables management
_Summary of idea:_ Write a tool to help understand and modify iptables rules
The iptables config is a scary file, especially when programs need to modify it, since making a change often requires that the program understands what a chain does in its entirety. It would be much better to have a tool that can answer questions like "What does chain X do to packets that look like this ?" and "Modify chain X to ACCEPT/DROP/REJECT packets that look like this" in a way that avoids redundant rules. Solutions to these are described in a few research papers.
You should have a basic knowledge of iptables configuration, interest in writing OCaml (preferred) or C code, and be willing to learn about some theoretical concepts like binary decision diagrams (BDD's)
Backup system on btrfs
_Summary of idea:_ Write a backup system on btrfs (use snapshots )
_Contacts:_ link:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Kushal[ Kushal Das]
_Mentor(s):_ link:https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Kushal[ Kushal Das]
btrfs is upcoming filesystem which is already there in rawhide. It include unique feature of create snapshots, one can easily go back to the previous states of the files using that. In the current condition it is better to take snapshots of subvolumes only.
Primary task will be to create an independent GUI based app to browse the history. In future one can patch the major file managers for this feature.