Ideas: Google Summer of Code 2009
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_Summary of idea:_
_Status:_ Proposed
_Summary of idea:_ Various ideas related to Cobbler : http://fedorahosted.org/cobbler
_Contacts:_ MichaelDeHaan
_Mentor(s):_ MichaelDeHaan
_Notes:_ The cobbler project is a Linux (and soon to be other OS) installation server with numerous datacenter automation features. Possible ideas for GSOC include web app workflow improvements, or a collection of many numerous RFEs in Fedora Hosted's Trac instance (fedorahosted.org/cobbler). Students should also have their own original ideas and an interest in datacenter automation -- folks doing admin work for their college and interested in using cobbler are ideal. We are interested in folks that (A) can show they understand the goals of the project and understand it's present features (as to not reinvent things it already does or are out of scope), (B) have new ideas of their own and are creative, and (C) are interested in the domain of datacenter automation, systems management, virtualization, or constructing SkyNet. Some knowledge of Python, Perl, Ruby, or a similar dynamic language is required. Cobbler is all Python so if you're a Python hacker, we'd be especially glad to have you. If you'd like to contact me to refine your ideas prior to submitting or just ask questions, that's great, please do so. (mdehaan AT redhat DOT com)
_Summary of idea:_ There exist various existing repository replication methods to mirror repositories, each with their own pros and cons. InstantMirror aims to solve problems of data repository replication in an efficient way. Various modern techniques are utilized and combined like Squid-like reverse proxy cache and cache expiry algorithm, rsync-like local directory trees, Torrent style efficient swarming many-to-many data replication. This project if implemented would dramatically improve the efficiency and timeliness of repository replication. This could be very useful for mirror networks like kernel.org, Fedora, Debian, CPAN, etc. ''' n _Contacts:_ WarrenTogami
_Mentor(s):_ WarrenTogami, RikvanRiel
Packages End User UI