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To list files contained in a package, use: indexterm:[RPM,querying for file list]indexterm:[packages,obtaining list of files]
[command]#rpm -qlp _package.rpm_pass:attributes[{blank}]#
See the *rpm*(8) manual page for more options.
Additional Resources
indexterm:[RPM,additional resources] [application]*RPM* is a complex utility with many options and methods for querying, installing, upgrading, and removing packages. See the following resources to learn more about [application]*RPM*.
Installed Documentation
[command]#rpm --help# — This command displays a quick reference of [application]*RPM* parameters.
*rpm*(8) — The [application]*RPM* manual page offers an overview of all available [application]*RPM* parameters.
Online Documentation
indexterm:[RPM,website]indexterm:[RPM,online documentation]
The [application]*RPM* website — link:++http://www.rpm.org/++[]
The [application]*RPM* mailing list — link:++http://lists.rpm.org/mailman/listinfo/rpm-list++[]
See Also
indexterm:[RPM,see also]
xref:package-management/DNF.adoc#ch-DNF[DNF] describes how to use the [application]*DNF* package manager to search, install, update, and uninstall packages on the command line.