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These settings can be made by modifying the `/etc/locale.conf` configuration file or by using the [application]*localectl* utility. Also, you can use the graphical user interface to perform the task; for a description of this method, see link:++https://docs.fedoraproject.org/install-guide++[{MAJOROS} Installation Guide].
Options configurable in /etc/locale.conf
|LANG|Provides a default value for the system locale.
|LC_COLLATE|Changes the behavior of functions which compare strings in the local alphabet.
|LC_CTYPE|Changes the behavior of the character handling and classification functions and the multibyte character functions.
|LC_NUMERIC|Describes the way numbers are usually printed, with details such as decimal point versus decimal comma.
|LC_TIME|Changes the display of the current time, 24-hour versus 12-hour clock.
|LC_MESSAGES|Determines the locale used for diagnostic messages written to the standard error output.
Displaying the Current Status
The [command]#localectl# command can be used to query and change the system locale and keyboard layout settings. To show the current settings, use the [option]`status` option:
[command]#localectl# [option]`status`
The output of the previous command lists the currently set locale, keyboard layout configured for the console and for the X11 window system.
~]${nbsp}localectl status
System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8
VC Keymap: us
X11 Layout: n/a
Listing Available Locales
To list all locales available for your system, type:
[command]#localectl# [option]`list-locales`
Listing Locales
Imagine you want to select a specific English locale, but you are not sure if it is available on the system. You can check that by listing all English locales with the following command:
~]${nbsp}localectl list-locales | grep pass:quotes[`en_`]
pass:quotes[*output truncated*]
Setting the Locale
To set the default system locale, use the following command as `root`:
[command]#localectl# [option]`set-locale` [option]`LANG`pass:attributes[{blank}]=pass:attributes[{blank}]_locale_
Replace _locale_ with the locale name, found with the [command]#localectl# [option]`list-locales` command. The above syntax can also be used to configure parameters from xref:System_Locale_and_Keyboard_Configuration.adoc#tab-locale_options[Options configurable in /etc/locale.conf].
Changing the Default Locale