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The Fedora Scientific spin now ships as a [appplication]*Vagrant* box in addition to an ISO image, allowing you to bypass the installation process and run it straight in a virtual machine. See xref:f29@fedora:release-notes:sysadmin/Virtualization.adoc#_fedora_scientific_vagrant_box[the Virtualization section] for details.
The Manual Partitioning screen will now display a drop-down menu which allows you to select the LUKS version if the volume or partition is being encrypted. The menu is hidden if you do not use encryption on the volume or partition.
The storage configuration DBus module has been extended (link:++https://github.com/rhinstaller/anaconda/pull/1458++[anaconda/1458], link:++https://github.com/rhinstaller/anaconda/pull/1514++[anaconda/1514], link:++https://github.com/rhinstaller/anaconda/pull/1513++[anaconda/1513], link:++https://github.com/rhinstaller/anaconda/pull/1507++[anaconda/1507])
This release brings additional progress on Anaconda modularization, an initiative that began in previous releases:
This section covers changes in the [application]*Anaconda* installer, including changes in the graphical and text mode interactive installers, Kickstart, and installer boot options.
When using a Kickstart file in that requires a default LUKS passphrase to finish partitioning, Anaconda in text mode will now pause and prompt you to enter the passphrase.