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or, where the font is packaged, install it using the package manager
$ dnf install open-sans-fonts vernnobile-oswald-fonts mozilla-zilla-slab-fonts astigmatic-grand-hotel-fonts julietaula-montserrat-fonts google-roboto-slab-fonts typetype-molot-fonts
You will need to close and reopen Inkscape, GIMP, or other applications to take advantage of the new fonts.
Getting your work reviewed
If you’d like to post your work somewhere, convert it to a JPG first. This will typically be a smaller file. Make sure your SVG file is saved in the fedoramagazine-images/images/ folder as above. Typically these should be named after the article in some way to make it easier to find images later. For this example, let’s assume your SVG file is named using-inkscape.svg.
Open a Terminal and go to the fedoramagazine-images/images/ folder:
$ cd projects/fedoramagazine-images/images/
Now use the helpful make target we’ve provided. This creates the correct sized (1890x800 pixels) JPG automatically, if you provide the same name as your SVG file:
$ make using-inkscape.jpg
Now you can post this file, using-inkscape.jpg, online, and then provide that URL in the comments section of your article's Pagure card for review.
If the image is approved, and if it might be reused for later articles, then consider creating a pull request against the upstream repository to have your work archived for reuse.