Contributing as a Fedora Magazine Writer
Either way, your writing goes out to tens of thousands of readers that visit Fedora Magazine every week!
Fedora Magazine welcomes new writers to contribute their skill by writing an article or two... or five! There are several ways you can find something to write about:
If this is your first contribution, you will need to xref:getting-access.adoc[get access] first.
**Need help on how to write better? See the xref:writing-an-article.adoc[Editorial Workflow - Writing] page for guidance.**
We have a list of specific topics to start with — so you don't need to come up with new ideas to write. See the _ideas_ column in the https://pagure.io/fedora-magazine-newsroom/boards/articles[Fedora Magazine Kanban board].
You can also xref:writing-a-pitch.adoc[propose an article] if you have your own idea.