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This screen is only available if xref:Installing_Using_Anaconda.adoc#sect-installation-gui-installation-source[Installation Source] is properly configured and only after the installer has downloaded package metadata from the source.
It is not possible to select specific packages during a manual installation. You can only select pre-defined environments and add-ons. If you need to control exactly which packages are installed, you must use a Kickstart file and define the packages in the [command]#%packages# section. See xref:../advanced/Kickstart_Installations.adoc#chap-kickstart-installations[Automating the Installation with Kickstart] for information about Kickstart installations.
Environments and add-ons are defined using a `comps.xml` file in your installation source (for example, in the `repodata/` directory on the full Fedora{nbsp}Server installation DVD). Review this file to see exactly which packages will be installed as part of a certain environment or add-on. For more information about the `comps.xml` file, see xref:../appendixes/Kickstart_Syntax_Reference.adoc#sect-kickstart-packages[%packages (required) - Package Selection].
After you finish configuring your software selection, click `Done` in the top left corner to return to xref:Installing_Using_Anaconda.adoc#sect-installation-gui-installation-summary[Installation Summary].