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Retrace Server
Welcome to Retrace Server
Only the secure HTTPS connection is now allowed by the server. HTTP requests will be denied.
Both HTTP and HTTPS are allowed. Using HTTPS is strictly recommended because of security reasons.
The following releases are supported: %s
At the moment the server is loaded for %d%% (running %d out of %d jobs).
Your coredump is only kept on the server while the retrace job is running. Once the job is finished, the server keeps retrace log and backtrace. All the other data (including coredump) are deleted. The retrace log and backtrace are only accessible via unique task ID and password, thus no one (except the author) is allowed to view it. All the crash information (including backtrace) is deleted after %d hours of inactivity. No possibly private data are kept on the server any longer.
Your coredump is only used for retrace purposes. Server administrators are not trying to get your private data from coredumps or backtraces. Using a secure communication channel (HTTPS) is strictly recommended. Server administrators are not responsible for the problems related to the usage of an insecure channel (such as HTTP).
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