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Send core dump to remote retrace server for analysis or perform local analysis if the remote analysis fails
Uploads coredump to a server, which generates backtrace and returns it. If user doesn't want to upload his coredump to anywhere the event performs local analysis. Local analysis is run event if remote analysis fails. Pros: no need for debuginfo downloads. Retrace server's database of debuginfos is more complete. Retrace server may generate better backtraces. Cons: coredump you upload contains all the data from the crashed program, including your private data, if any.
Analyze VM core
Install kernel debuginfo packages, generate kernel log and oops message
Needs to install kernel debuginfo packages, which might take significant time, and take up disk space.
Collect GConf configuration
Save configuration from application's GConf directory
Runs gconftool-2 --recursive-list /apps/executable and saves it as 'gconf_subtree' element.
Collect system-wide vim configuration files
Save /etc/vimrc and /etc/gvimrc
Checks if there are vimrc and gvimrc files in /etc and saves them as system_vimrc and system_gvimrc, respectively.
Collect yours vim configuration files
Save .vimrc and .gvimrc from your home directory
Checks if there are .vimrc and .gvimrc in your home directory and saves them as user_vimrc and user_gvimrc, respectively.
Post report
Executed after the reporting is finished
Used for updating of the databases