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After you select storage devices, choose between automatic and manual partitioning, configure encryption and boot loader location, press `Done` in the top left corner of the screen. Then, depending on your settings, the following will happen:
If you chose to encrypt your hard drive, the `Disk Encryption Passphrase` dialog will appear. Enter your chosen passphrase into the `Passphrase` and `Confirm` fields. When you do so, the passphrase will be automatically evaluated and its strength will be displayed, along with suggestions on how to make it stronger if the installer has determined it to be weak. For information about creating strong passwords, see [citetitle]_{PRODUCT} Security{nbsp}Guide_.
If you selected automatic partitioning and the `I would like to make additional space available`, or if there is not enough free space on your selected hard drives to install {PRODUCT}, the `Reclaim Space` dialog will appear. This dialog lists all disk devices you have configured and all partitions on those devices. The bottom right corner of the dialog displays information about how much space the system needs for at least a minimal installation and how much space you have reclaimed.
If you use the `Reclaim Space` dialog to *delete* a partition, all data on that partition will be lost. If you want to preserve your data, use the `Shrink` option, not the `Delete` option.
First, review the displayed list of available storage devices. The `Reclaimable Space` column shows how much space can be reclaimed from each entry. To reclaim space, select a disk or partition, and press either the `Delete` button to delete that partition (or all partitions on a selected disk), or `Shrink` to use free space on a partition while preserving existing data. Alternatively, you can press `Delete all` in the bottom right corner; this will delete all existing partitions on all disks and make this space available to {PRODUCT}, but all existing data on all disks will be lost.
After you free enough space for your {PRODUCT} installation, press `Reclaim space` to finish.
No changes to any disks will be made until you press `Begin Installation` in xref:Installing_Using_Anaconda.adoc#sect-installation-gui-installation-summary[Installation Summary]. The `Reclaim Space` dialog only *marks* partitions for resizing or deletion, but no such action is performed immediately.
If you selected the `I will configure partitioning` option, pressing `Done` will open the `Manual Partitioning` screen. See xref:Installing_Using_Anaconda.adoc#sect-installation-gui-manual-partitioning[Manual Partitioning] for further instructions.