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The the group ID (GID) of the user's default group. The default group name will be the same as the user name, and its default GID is 1000. GIDs 0-999 are reserved by the system so they can not be assigned to an user's group. 用户默认组的 ID 号(GID)。默认的组名跟用户名相同,默认的 GID 是 1000。同样 0-999 是系统保留的 ID 号,你不能将这些 ID 号分配给用户组。
The user's group membership. The user account you are creating will always have one default group membership (the user's default group with an ID set in the `Specify a group ID manually` field). In the `Group Membership` field, you can specify additional groups as a comma-separated list. Groups which do not already exist will be created; you can specify custom GIDs for them in parentheses. If you do not specify a custom GID for a new group, it will be assigned automatically. 用户的其它组信息。所有的用户帐号都会有一个默认组信息(默认组有专门的选项进行设置),而在其它组信息设置这里你可以填写额外组别的信息,组别名称之间用逗号间隔。还没创建的组会被自动创建,你可以在圆括号内指定 GID 信息。如果你不为组别指定 GID,我们将为你的小组自动分配 GID。