Release Process SOPs
This section covers program management procedures related to the process of getting a release out the door. The table of contents below is organized by category. The document beyond that is in chronological order.
xref:_gono_go_meeting[Go/No-Go meeting]
xref:_release_readiness_meeting[Release Readiness meeting]
*Bugzilla housekeeping*
xref:_rawhide_rebase_warning[Rawhide rebase warning]
xref:_branch_day[Branch day]
xref:_release_day[Release day]
xref:_eol_closure_reminder[EOL closure reminder]
xref:_eol_day[EOL day]
xref:_release_blocking_deliverables[Release blocking deliverables]
xref:_spins_keepalive[Spins keepalive]
xref:_wiki_and_website_creation[Wiki and website creation]
xref:_wiki_and_website_edits[Release day wiki and website edits]
xref:_wiki_and_website_edits_2[EOL day wiki and webiste edits]
You may choose to create a https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/31/HouseKeeping[wiki page] to track the status of housekeeping tasks, as has been done historically.
Wiki and website creation