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Activated service
All packages with timed execution which already depend on systemd (for example because they contain systemd units) must use timer units instead of cron jobs, with no dependency or requirements on a crontab.
And the matching systemd unit file /usr/lib/systemd/system/console-kit-daemon.service:
A process or task executed and controlled by the init system (e.g. systemd).
A service that is not (or not necessarily) started explicitly by the user but start when certain other events happen or certain state becomes true.
A service which activates in response to a message from the D-Bus system bus.
A service which is explicitly started or stopped, either by the init system at boot or manually by a superuser. In systemd, one of several types of service controlled by a `+.service+` file.
A service which is waiting for traffic across a socket before activating. In systemd, controlled by a `+.socket+` file.
As you can see `+SystemdService=+` is used in the D-Bus activation file to bind the systemd service to the D-Bus service.
Automatic restarting
Avoid `+Names=+` (in the `+[Unit]+` section). Usually it is a better idea to symlink an additional name in the file system. Note that a name listed in `+Names=+` is only useful when a service file is already loaded. However, systemd loads only the service files actually referred to in another loaded service, and uses the filenames during the search. Hence a name in `+Names=+` is not useful as a search key, but a symlink in the file system is. Also do not put a (redundant) `+Names=foobar.service+` line into a file called `+foobar.service+`. We want to keep our service files short.
Avoid referring to `+runlevelX.target+` units in all lines taking unit names (such as `+WantedBy+`), these are legacy names existing for compatibility with SysV only.
A web application needs postgresql to store its data.
Basic format
BuildRequires: systemd-rpm-macros
`+BusName=+` should be set for all services connecting to D-Bus. (i.e. it is a must for those where `+Type=dbus+`, but might make sense otherwise, too) Omit this option if your service does not take a name on the bus.
By default both switches default to `+no+`.
DBus activation
D-Bus service