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A Go package is identified by its import path. A Go spec file will therefore start with the `+%{goipath}+` declaration. Don't get it wrong, it will control the behaviour of the rest of the spec file.
And the possible documentation that SHOULD be included:
an rpm-compatible package name derived from goipath
As said before, you MUST run unit tests in `+%check+`:
At the moment golang projects packaged in Fedora SHOULD be unbundled by default. It means projects are built from dependencies packaged in Fedora.
a URL that can be used as SourceX: value
a URL that can be used as URL: value
Automatic BuildRequires
Automatic Dependency Generation
Be wary of command names which might already exist in Fedora. If you have any doubt, you can check if the command is already provided in Fedora:
Binaries are usually shipped in the main package. This package MUST include legal files and documentation associated with those binaries.
Binaries SHOULD set ExclusiveArch so that we only attempt to build packages on those arches. This is now automatically added by the `+%gometa+` macro by leveraging the `+%{go_arches}+` macro.
Binary builds that include these imports will use them in BuildRequires, for example:
Binary package installation
BuildRequires: golang(github.com/gorilla/context)