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**How can I find Fedora design materials to work with?** +
There are a couple places you can find Fedora design materials.The link:https://pagure.io/design/issues[fedora-design] repo on Pagure contains a lot of historical work.There is a dropdown on the left hand side that says "XX Open Issues", click that dropdown and set to "XX Open & Closed Issues" to see a complete list of tickets.You can then search under the "Filter" dropdown.The same applies to the https://pagure.io/fedora-badges/issues[fedora-badges] repo on Pagure.
**How many tickets should I work on at the same time?**
Fedora Design Internship: Please limit yourself to 2 design queue tickets. You can work on a third if it is a Fedora Badges ticket. Although we appreciate the enthusiasm of our applicants, we also only have a certain capacity to provide reviews. This helps to ensure that applicants are receiving reviews equally and at regular intervals.
Fedora Badges Internship: Please limit yourself to 3 badge queue tickets. Once you complete a ticket, you are welcome to take up another.
**Some of the source file links on the Design & Pages repo gives me an error. What should I do?**
This is a known error with Pagure caused by a migration from Trac to Pagure. But, no worries! There is a fix. Files that have that issue will look like this, with two identical comments.
One of the links for the image files will give you the following error page. This link is no longer good.
You will see a second comment with another link with the same file name, and it should give you this error page. This is the one we want to work with. Simply remove “files/” from the URL and hit enter.
This is what the page should look like, you can right click and “Save”.