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Google Summer of Code 2018
This page contains information about Fedora's participation in Google Summer of Code (GSoC). Please feel free to contact us via the mailing list below for clarifications and more information. You can also use the IRC channel.
What can I do today?
Today you should read through the xref:ideas.adoc[ideas] and think about our xref:application.adoc[application process.]
Student Information
Do you want to contribute to one of the world's leading innovative Linux distributions? GSoC could be your chance. Please refer to the information below.
If you're interested in working on an existing project, read up on the project and the related technology. There is no need to contact the mentor unless you have a specific question about the project. Don't send an "I'm interested" email.
If you're interested in proposing your own project start looking around the Fedora Project for a mentor and send your idea to the mailing list or post it on the wiki.
You may also wish to start working on the Fedora specific parts of the application, see below for more information. Carefully review the student responsibilities section.
Why spend your summer working on FOSS?
When you work in the open on free software, you create a body of work that follows you for the rest of your life. Rather than a coding assignment done by thousands of other students and relegated to the bottom of the drawer at semester's end, working in FOSS is a chance to contribute to a living project.
Working in FOSS gives you a chance to:
Work with real-world, large codebases.
Collaborate with real engineers and other professionals.
Contribute to something meaningful while learning and earning.
Learn tools and processes that are just like what you are going to use if you work in technology after graduation.
Make friends and contacts around the globe.
Attract attention that can lead to an internship or job after graduation.
Create lifetime connections and associations.