You should know that contributing to FOSS doesn't require you to have super programming skills, or super-anything else. You just need be interested, curious, and willing to become comfortable being productively lost. This is the state of learning. You learn by finding your way around and figuring things out with the support of your mentor and the community.
Your responsibilities include:
You may also want to work with a student who brings an idea to your sub-project. This requires a different level of communication throughout the project, but can be the most rewarding.
You are the key ingredient for your project's success. This project is important to you, your mentor, and the entire Fedora Community.
You are an essential part of the student's success, the project's success, and the success for the Fedora Project.
xref:ideas.adoc[Main Idea Page and Supporting Mentor List]
Work with real-world, large codebases.
Work Period: Mentors give students a helping hand and guidance on their projects.
Working with your mentor on realistic achievable milestones that provide for regular deliverables and feedback.
Working in FOSS gives you a chance to:
Why work with Fedora?
Why spend your summer working on FOSS?
Where you can have looser ideas, you may be able to find a student who works as a sort-of intern who can implement a solution to a use case you have. In past experiences, students going after a use case are more likely to get somewhere with self-direction and support from you.
When you work in the open on free software, you create a body of work that follows you for the rest of your life. Rather than a coding assignment done by thousands of other students and relegated to the bottom of the drawer at semester's end, working in FOSS is a chance to contribute to a living project.
What can I do today?
Want to help the next generation of contributors grow? Want to bring new contributors to Fedora? Want to advance your projects along their roadmap? GSoC can be a chance to do all of this.
Timeline (Abbreviated)
This wiki page serves as the GSoC portal. Please feel free to contact us via list for clarifications and more information. You can also use the IRC channel, .
The contributors of the Fedora Project can propose ideas and mentor them. Please feel free to check following links and please add your ideas to the main idea page. Furthermore, if you are not interested in proposing an idea but still want to support the program, please check the students' idea page and pick one as per your interest. Lastly, consider becoming a Supporting Mentor and helping students across projects.