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April 20: All mentors must be signed up and all student proposals matched with a mentor. Student ranking/scoring deadline.
April 23: Accepted student proposals announced on the Google Summer of Code 2012 site.
April 6: Student application deadline.
As long-standing communities with many facets, it is possible for you to find many rewarding sub-projects to work on.
August 13: Suggested 'pencils down' date. Take a week to scrub code, write tests, improve documentation, etc.
August 20: Mentors, students and organization administrators can begin submitting final evaluations to Google.
August 24: Final evaluation deadline
August 27: Final results of Google Summer of Code 2012 announced
August 31: Students can begin submitting required code samples to Google
Being an interface for an identified sub-project or SIG in Fedora.
Be the final, accountable person for deciding if the student is successful or not, which affects payment.
Collaborate with real engineers and other professional experts.
Community Bonding Period: Students get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on their projects.
Contribute to something meaningful while learning and earning student value.
Create life time connections.
Google begins issuing mid-term student payments provided passing student survey is on file. Interim Period: Mentors give students a helping hand and guidance on their projects.
Google Summer of Code 2012
Helping students communicate with the overall project and any upstreams.