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the NEEDINFO (= at least for *4 weeks* in total), any concerned party can send *another comment* asking the maintainer to respond.
If the bug remains in NEW state for at least another 4 weeks after
the second comment (= at least *8 weeks* in total), the package *will be orphaned*. Orphaning can be requested via a releng issue.
The normal
link:https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/package-maintainers/Package_Orphaning_Process/[Package Orphaning Process] will be followed for the packages orphaned in this way, leading to their *retirement* if nobody adopts them.
Cca six weeks before the Fedora N *mass branching*, packages that weren't
successfully rebuilt at least in Fedora N-2 are collected and weekly reminders are sent to affected maintainers and the Fedora devel mailing list.
Cca a week before the Fedora N *mass branching*, packages that weren't
successfully rebuilt at least in Fedora N-2 will be *retired* assuming there have been at least 5 warnings on the devel mailing list. The bug status has no effect on this retirement. This can be requested via a releng issue.
A week before the scheduled *beta freeze*, any packages which have
open FTI bugs in the NEW state for at least 8 weeks with at least 2 reminder comments *will be retired* from the relevant release and rawhide (in addition to being orphaned). (Releng ticket for this needs to be opened at least a week before the freeze, but can be opened sooner.)
The previous point repeats for the *final freeze*.
Example FTBFS retirement
Soon before Fedora 31 branches, packages that were last successfully rebuilt on Fedora 28 (or even sooner) will be retired. In the time of Fedora 31 GA, all packages were rebuilt on a currently supported Fedora (at least Fedora 29).
(Effectively, packages that fail to build will be retired after 14 weeks or sooner if there is no maintainer response and the package is orphaned, or after 13 months if the maintainer responds but the package is not fixed.)
When releng performs the link:https://docs.pagure.org/releng/sop_mass_rebuild.html[mass rebuild], releng opens FTBFS bugs for any packages which fail to build. Anyone can send the weekly reminders and request packages to be orphaned/retired – in other words, the procedure can be applied manually. At any point, releng can automate any steps mentioned above, but this is not required.
Anytime a releng ticket is open, please cross reference it from the bug report.
Packages exempted from this policy
link:https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2331[shim, shim-unsigned-aarch64, shim-unsigned-x64] are temporarily exempted from the FTBFS policy until upstream release of shim 16.
Tracking bugs