OpenLDAP Features
indexterm:[OpenLDAP,features] OpenLDAP suite provides a number of important features:
*LDAPv3 Support* — Many of the changes in the protocol since LDAP version 2 are designed to make LDAP more secure. Among other improvements, this includes the support for Simple Authentication and Security Layer (*SASL*), Transport Layer Security (*TLS*), and Secure Sockets Layer (*SSL*) protocols.
*LDAP Over IPC* — The use of inter-process communication (*IPC*) enhances security by eliminating the need to communicate over a network.
*IPv6 Support* — OpenLDAP is compliant with Internet Protocol version 6 (*IPv6*), the next generation of the Internet Protocol.
*LDIFv1 Support* — OpenLDAP is fully compliant with LDIF version 1.
*Updated C API* — The current C API improves the way programmers can connect to and use LDAP directory servers.
*Enhanced Standalone LDAP Server* — This includes an updated access control system, thread pooling, better tools, and much more.
OpenLDAP Server Setup
indexterm:[OpenLDAP,configuration,overview] The typical steps to set up an LDAP server on {MAJOROS} are as follows:
Install the OpenLDAP suite. See xref:Directory_Servers.adoc#s2-ldap-installation[Installing the OpenLDAP Suite] for more information on required packages.
Customize the configuration as described in xref:Directory_Servers.adoc#s2-ldap-configuration[Configuring an OpenLDAP Server].
Start the `slapd` service as described in xref:Directory_Servers.adoc#s2-ldap-running[Running an OpenLDAP Server].
Use the [command]#ldapadd# utility to add entries to the LDAP directory.
Use the [command]#ldapsearch# utility to verify that the `slapd` service is accessing the information correctly.
Installing the OpenLDAP Suite
indexterm:[OpenLDAP,installation]indexterm:[OpenLDAP,packages] The suite of OpenLDAP libraries and tools is provided by the following packages:
List of OpenLDAP packages
|[package]*openldap*|A package containing the libraries necessary to run the OpenLDAP server and client applications.
|[package]*openldap-clients*|A package containing the command line utilities for viewing and modifying directories on an LDAP server.
|[package]*openldap-servers*|A package containing both the services and utilities to configure and run an LDAP server. This includes the _Standalone LDAP Daemon_, `slapd`.
|[package]*openldap-servers-sql*|A package containing the SQL support module.
Additionally, the following packages are commonly used along with the LDAP server: