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* ^(From|Cc|To).*tux-lug
* ^From: spammer@domain.com
:0 Hw * ^X-Spam-Status: Yes spam
:0 pass:quotes[_flags_] : pass:quotes[_lockfile-name_]
* pass:quotes[_condition_1_special-condition-character_] pass:quotes[_condition_1_regular_expression_]
* pass:quotes[_condition_2_special-condition-character_] pass:quotes[_condition-2_regular_expression_]
* pass:quotes[_condition_N_special-condition-character_] pass:quotes[_condition-N_regular_expression_]
A basic recipe may not even contain conditions, as is illustrated in the following example:
A basic recipe, such as this, can be placed at the end of all `rc` files to direct messages to a default location.
A better solution is to point the recipe's action to a special mailbox, which can be checked from time to time to look for false positives. Once satisfied that no messages are accidentally being matched, delete the mailbox and direct the action to send the messages to `/dev/null`.
`access` — Specifies which systems can use Sendmail for outbound email.
`access` — Used for access control, this file specifies which hosts are allowed to connect to Postfix.
A comprehensive explanation of all environments variables, and their default values, is available in the `procmailrc` man page.
Additional Resources
Advanced configuration
After generating a new `sendmail.cf` file using the [command]#m4# macro processor, this configuration makes all mail from inside the network appear as if it were sent from `example.com`.
alias_maps = hash:/etc/aliases, ldap:/etc/postfix/ldap-aliases.cf
All other generated files in `/etc/mail` (db files) will be regenerated if needed. The old makemap commands are still usable. The make command is automatically used whenever you start or restart the `sendmail` service.
Alternatively, specify the name of the local lockfile to be used with this recipe after the colon.
Alternatively, the [command]#stunnel# command can be used as an encryption wrapper around the standard, non-secure connections to `IMAP` or `POP` services.
Answer all of the questions to complete the process.
Any messages sent from the `tux-lug@domain.com` mailing list are placed in the `tuxlug` mailbox automatically for the MUA. Note that the condition in this example matches the message if it has the mailing list's email address on the `From`, `Cc`, or `To` lines.