Additional Command Line Options
Additional command line options for [command]#at# and [command]#batch# include the following:
Additional Resources
A hyphen (-) between integers specifies a range of integers. For example, `1-4` means the integers 1, 2, 3, and 4.
A list of values separated by commas (,) specifies a list. For example, `3,4,6,8` indicates exactly these four integers.
-:ALL EXCEPT root :cron
All jobs defined in this `anacrontab` file are randomly delayed by 6-30 minutes and can be executed between 16:00 and 20:00.
`anacron(8)` manual page contains an overview of anacron.
`anacrontab(5)` manual page contains an overview of the `anacrontab` file.
Any lines that begin with a hash sign (#) are comments and are not processed.
At and Batch
`at` manual page contains descriptions of [command]#at# and [command]#batch# and their command line options.
Automating System Tasks
Black and White Listing of Cron Jobs
Black and white listing of jobs is used to define parts of a job that do not need to be executed. This is useful when calling the [application]*run-parts* script on a Cron directory, such as `/etc/cron.daily/`: if the user adds programs located in the directory to the job black list, the [application]*run-parts* script will not execute these programs.
[command]#at# and [command]#batch# Command Line Options
[command]#dnf install _package_pass:attributes[{blank}]#
`command` — command to be executed
`command` — the command to be executed.
[command]#rpm -q at#