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English Urdu (Pakistan)
**Pantheon** is the desktop environment used by default on link:[elementaryOS].
It builds on GNOME technologies, but utilizes components that were written from scratch in vala, using the GTK+3 toolkit.
In Fedora 30, Pantheon is provided by Fedora as an alternative desktop environment.
Note that some of the Pantheon packages have been available in earlier Fedora versions. However, Fedora 30 is the first release that provides the whole desktop environment as a package group.
To try out Pantheon, install the "Pantheon Desktop" package group, log out, and choose a Pantheon session during login.
LXQt 0.14.0
Fedora 30 provides the **LXQt** lightweight Qt-based desktop environment version 0.14.0. Notable improvements in this release include:
`pcmanfm-qt` now supports a split view.
The desktop can now show icons such as Computer, Network, the user's Home directory, and Trash. The Trash icon is interactive.
Image EXIF data can now be rendered.
`lximage-qt` now has a new upload target (ImgBB).
`qterminal` now supports custom margins and history based tab switching.
All packages have received significant updates to translations.
See the 0.14 milestone in the upstream project on link:[GitHub] for more information about changes in this release.