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Users who store their system home or application data directory on a network filesystem are advised to set the `NSS_SDB_USE_CACHE=yes` environment variable prior to starting applications that use NSS. Without setting this environment variable, users of network filesystems may experience a major slowdown with some applications, such as Firefox. The environment variable enables the use of a caching strategy in NSS that works around the slowness of network filesystems. Because this caching strategy causes a performance decrease on fast filesystems.
With this update, the default Fedora policy regarding cryptographic components has been updated to disallow the use of algorithms that are no longer considered secure. Specifically, the changes involve:
With this update, the *libcurl* library switches from using *libssh2* to implement the SSH layer of SCP and SFTP protocols to *libssh*. The reason for the change is that the *libssh2* library uses outdated cryptographic algorithms and lacks important features, such as GSS-API authentication. The newly used *libssh* library is more secure, feature-complete, and with more active upstream community.
With this update, the OpenLDAP distribution in Fedora changed from using the *NSS* (or *MozNSS*) library to the *OpenSSL* library for providing cryptographic functions. The switch promises better support from OpenLDAP upstream, which had ceased maintaining the NSS support layer.