cannot install both %s and %s
Cannot install module '%s' from fail-safe repository
cannot install the best candidate for the job
cannot install the best update candidate for module
cannot install the best update candidate for package
can not list keys: %s
cannot open directory %1$s: %2$s
Cannot open %s: %s
can not read file %1$s: %2$s
Cannot rename directory "%s" to "%s": %s
Cannot reset module '%s': State of module already modified
Cannot retrieve module obsoletes because no stream matching %s: %s
cannot stat path %1$s: %2$s
Can't add console output to unsaved transaction
Can't load plugin "%s": %s
Can't load shared library "%s": %s
Can't obtain address of symbol "%s": %s
Can't read plugin directory "%s": %s
Configuration: OptionBinding with id "%s" already exists
Configuration: OptionBinding with id "%s" does not exist